Celtic Confusion



Gill has been playing violin since she was 13, having also learned piano & the clarinet.
Her mother was a professional classical singer and piano teacher but both Grandfathers had played violin and their instruments were stored at home. One thing soon led to another!
The school system steered her into classical music and she was the leader of her first orchestra by the age of 15, reaching Grade 8 Distinction. Gill has been under the baton of Simon Rattle, if you will pardon the expression, she recorded her first album in 1978.
She played the Star Wars theme music in 1978 in the Hampshire County Youth Orchestra - the first orchestra to do so after Spielberg & Co - and to date has never found a more difficult piece of music. Dig it out and listen to the strings.
It was Riverdance and The Corrs who awakened an interest in irish music, which led to forming a band with John in 2006.
More recently she has returned to playing the clarinet, inspired and taught by Helen Gentile from the band Threepenny Bit.
Gill is experienced at playing with many bands, amongst them the Treefellahs, Murphy's Lore, Agglestone, Cottage Industry and The Bushwhackers.


John has been playing guitar for over three decades and was formerly a member of the Dorset Classical Guitar Orchestra.
He follows many different bands and states there is not a single style of music he doesn't like or doesn't want to play.
He was invited to an irish music session in 2004 by Titch from Black Sheep and within six months had met Gill. They both got hooked on the music and formed Celtic Confusion two years later.
John has played with bands in Holland and France. He has performed with The Waifs And Strays, The Bushwhackers, Black Sheep, Agglestone, Dorset Ceilidh Band, SYP and Murphy's Lore.
He now plays in a klezmer band called Klezmerconcordian.
Recently John has been performing on mandolin and is learning the low whistle.
He is responsible for the band's PA, and available to hire as a sound engineer.


Bass Guitar, Didgeridoo.
At the age of 10 Tony learnt to play the bugle with the Poole Scout Band. This then lead on to the trumpet and many years of performing in local marching and concert bands.
Like many teenagers, before computers were invented, Tony started to play in cover bands performing in the local clubs and pubs in the area.
Probably during a mid life crisis he took up the bass guitar and when his wife bought him a didgeridoo for his 45th birthday decided to learn that too.
Tony is now currently teaching both instruments as well as playing with 'Where's Clive', The Poole Symphonic Concert Band and Celtic Confusion.


Vocals, Guitar, Clarinet (sort of) and Cajon
Clive first started his musical life playing clarinet some decades ago in the Seldown School Wind Band and during his four years there gained an O Level in music and Grade 5 on clarinet.
After leaving school he teamed up with some like-minded friends and formed a covers band, practising in the drummer's bedroom as was traditional at that time.
This meant learning the guitar, all the other instruments were taken, along with taking up singing duties.
In his spare time he is running a successful engineering company, helping with a cub pack and fundraising with the Muddelcombe Men.
So the scene is set for the next 30 years or so, having played continuously and, nowadays, with Where's Clive and of course Celtic Confusion.